1. Compliance services

Companies and company directors have the onerous responsibility of ensuring that their companies are fully compliant with their corporate law obligations at all times.
Ensuring timely compliance is a significant challenge, particularly within a global environment where regulatory change is common and sanctions for non-compliance can be severe.
Ensuring corporate compliance creates administrative burdens and can be time consuming and a significant distraction for the management.
We offer a full scope of corporate, legal and secretarial administration compliance services, including:

  • We take care of all the client’s correspondence and we provide registered address
  • We take care of all the recurring corporate compliance services (e.g. approval and filing of annual accounts, (re-) appointment of directors, auditors, etc.)
  • We provide corporate health checks, consistency analysis, status reports and remediation plans
  • We take care of the companies Incorporation (preparing financial plan, drafting notary deed, meeting with the notary, deposit of the deed of incorporation to the commercial register, registration with the Crossroad Bank of Enterprises, etc.) and set up of branch offices
  • We take care of the periodic changes and one-off events, such as extraordinary shareholder meetings, constitutional changes

2. Non Compliance services

Contracts and agreements are subject to all kinds of regulations. Drawing up and analysing these documents can be very time-consuming since legal stipulations have their own singularities. The legal jargon is extremely complex and requires the assistance of a professional.
We can assist you with the drafting of all necessary documents to start up a company and we will be happy to help you update the articles of association or assist you in reorganising your company (mergers, demergers).
We can take care of the declarations of intent for takeovers (and analyse the bookkeeping).
Further, we can also draw up the contracts for share transfers and shareholder agreements and prepare and follow up your rental contracts, commercial agreements, leasing contracts, leaseholds, tenancy and cooperation agreements.

Should you be interested in this service, have questions or if you would like to receive a free quote please do not hesitate to contact us by telephone (+32 733 67 42) or send us an email to the following address : and we will revert to you quickly.