Changes in our tax laws are one of the few constants of life. Every change adds a new layer of complexity to an already complicated process.
Our tax consultants work full time to keep up with these changes. We develop strategies that will allow you to take advantage of benefits within the tax law, and we use our professional judgment and experience to advise you as to what actions you can take to reduce your tax burden.
This forward-looking approach to developing advantageous tax strategies allows you to plan for the future. And because virtually every financial decision can have tax implications, careful tax planning can make a big difference in the final outcome.
Whether it is wealth planning, compliance or consulting, our goal is the same: providing you with recommendations and strategies within the law to help you build your net worth and reduce your tax burden.

1. The VAT services

Our objectives:

Although VAT should be neutral, considering the complex set of directives governing VAT within the European Union, this is not always the case.
Considering the huge impact of an incorrect application of the VAT rules, Reynders & Co has the professionals providing you with the necessary tools to not only implement the VAT directives and Belgian legislation correctly, and as such, avoid penalties, but even realize important savings.

Our services:

  • We fill out your VAT requirements (vat registration, filing returns, follow up of regarding payment and VAT recovery, filing intrastat and/or intracom returns and in case of VAT audit be there to defend your rights but also for any potential negotiation with the VAT Authorities)
  • We operate , for Non-EU companies operating in Europe , as a fiscal representative to act on your behalf to deal with VAT related issues
  • We provide you with guidance with respect to the various possibilities for VAT optimization
  • We give you all the required advices concerning the taxable or exempt nature of a transaction and its consequences

2. The corporate tax services

Our objectives:

Corporate income tax has suffered substantial changes over the last years, with many potential obstacles. However, with the right specialists backing you up, these changes can also provide significant opportunities for profit.

Even though transactions by companies have come under increased scrutiny by the tax authorities but we will be there to provide you advice and guidance !

Our services:

  • We fill out your tax corporate requirements (registration, CIT calculation, submission, follow up regarding the payment and CIT recovery and in case of CIT audit be there to defend your rights and for any potential negotiation with the CIT Authorities)
  • We prepare and fill out the necessary withholding tax returns (dividends, interests, etc..) including advices where required
  • We optimize the planning of corporate structures from a tax point of view but also from a legal perspective
  • We advise and represent you if a ruling need to be introduced to the Tax authorities
  • We prepare and follow up transfer pricing study
  • We conduct tax due diligence (for companies or possible target companies)
  • We provide guidance with respect to the various possibilities for corporate tax optimization
  • We provide guidance , from a tax perspective, in case of a restructuring or a takeover of another company

3. Personal income tax services

Our objectives:

Reynders & Co is specialized in personal income tax. With our help, you can optimise your personal income tax and make a lasting impact on your personal wealth.
But we go beyond simple tax advice, bring you a view of the full picture of your tax situation and finding solutions within Belgium and cross-border.

Each year, as more and more tax responsibilities switch from the federal to the regional level, the complexity of the Belgian tax system increases.
The specialists at Reynders & Co stay abreast of this constant stream of changes enabling you to focus on the things that really matter in your personal life.

Our services :

  • We fill out your personal income tax return
  • We optimize your earned revenues (investments, personal service companies, pension and real estate, etc..)
  • We assist you with the set-up of a tax effective structure and the optimalization of remuneration packages (e.g. tax-efficient individual investment in Belgian real estate, capital gains and losses, use of personal management companies and related planning possibilities, tax optimisation in case of redundancy, etc.)
  • We represent you before the Belgian tax authorities
  • We assist you with the set-up of a tax effective remuneration and benefit structure (including pensions, company car policies, stock-related compensation and tax deductible expense policies)

4. Family business clients services

Our objectives:

We make it our priority to understand your current circumstances and future aspirations. We can devise, and then present, the best options and strategic courses available to you. We can create and administer solutions that will provide for extended families.

Our services:

We set up effective tax planning. We can help you structure the way you hold your business interests and investments to ensure that you take full advantage of any reliefs, double- tax treaties and EU treaties which are available,

  • We optimize the way to transfer the fruits of your labour through a careful inheritance and estate planning
  • We set up estate and gift planification. We advise families of passing on the family wealth in the most tax-advantageous way
  • We monitor the performance of your portfolio through regular review and reporting
  • We apply a risk management approach by limiting personal liability and taking advantage of favourable legislative regimes in various jurisdictions

Should you be interested in this service, have questions or if you would like to receive a free quote please do not hesitate to contact us by telephone (+32 733 67 42) or send us an email to the following address : and we will revert to you quickly.